Thursday, April 26, 2018

Paper Pumpkin April 2018

These kits are so cute and so easy to assemble.  If you're new to stamping and are ready to unleash your inner creative self, check out Stampin' Up!s Paper Pumpkin program!
Click here to go to Paper Pumpkin
With this special going on through May 10th, you have the perfect excuse to give it a try, as if you needed an excuse😉 (This special is for NEW subscribers)

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

2018 Color Revamp

I just received news from Stampin' Up! that I can share something exciting with you all. I'm very excited to share with you that we are having a COLOR REVAMP this year, when our new catalog goes live in June!!!

This means that some of the core colors that we have will be leaving and new ones will be coming in their place.  
What does this mean to you?  If some of the colors that you love are leaving be sure to get them, be it inks, cardstock, coordinating embellishments, etc.  If you have stamp pads, but don't have the ink refills, you'll want to make sure you get the refills.

Another thing that is happening is we are having a change in the actual ink pads (including the style) that will be available in the new catalog.  The formula for the ink is changing, too, with the main change being that a defoamer will be added to the ink, which will give us an even smoother inked image than we currently have.  This new ink is different from the current ink so the current ink refills will NOT be compatible.  Be sure to get your current refills before they're gone!

Also, in addition to the NEW COLORS coming,  if there are any current "BUNDLES" that are on your wishlist, get them ordered!  The components may be available in the new catalog, but Stampin' Up! has added a whole LOT of new bundles, so the current bundles will be leaving us.  What does this mean?  With bundles you save 10% so this discount will go away when you have to order the components separately.  Capisce?  As usual, the new bundles will have this discount.

You are going to love this new catalog, and this new year! 

Like I said, this upcoming year is going to be exciting, so hold on and enjoy the ride!  

Click the link below to check it out!!

2018 Color Revamp

My Creative Corner

 I'm sure, as a stamper, regardless of how long you've been stamping or how involved you are in the craft, you still crave that space that is completely dedicated to YOU.  I know that when I started doing this more than 15 years ago, and all I had was my kitchen table in my tiny house of 800 square feet, I dreamt of the day that I had an actual room to spread out in.  Well, 3 houses and many moons later I'm here, and I'm here BIG!  For my Christmas gift my hubby surprised me with this.  Well, actually he said my gift was redoing my craft studio and he gave me free reign.  HOLY COW!
 Not long after Christmas I headed to our local Container Store and checked out the Elfa that was on sale at the time.  I looked at all the possibilities and quickly became overwhelmed.  I did, however, set up an appointment to come back to talk to a consultant so we could design my space with her expertise.

 I knew the general layout and I knew I wanted everything that I use all the time to be within reach, or at least, only a few steps away.  Within a very short time, this is what we came up with and now I just needed it put it place.

The installer came a week later (which gave me enough time to sort out everything that stayed (and went).  WOW!  How refreshing to be able to make the decision to "let it go" so someone else could fall in love, the way I have, with stamping and all the possibilities, as I donated my (gasp) unused and retired supplies.  Of course, I kept A LOT of what I had, but you know, as well as I, if you forgot you even had it or you look at it over and over and never use it, it needs to go.  LOL!
I'm excited to share this with you and I look forward to this new year of stamping, especially with the new catalog coming in June.  I've had several opportunities to check out my picks and what will be my new additions to my 'Creative Corner' and cannot wait to get my order in!  I'm glad you came to see what I'm up to and I'll see you soon.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

2018 Occasions Catalog by Stampin' Up!

I'm not sure if your holidays were a packed full as mine, but I have finally had the opportunity to get back to this part of what I love in my life and this is just a cute, short video highlighting the new Occasions Catalog and sneakpeaking some of the awesomeness that can soon be yours!  ENJOY😉

Sunday, November 26, 2017


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Monday, November 20, 2017

Shopping Extravaganza Starts Now!!

We all love to create and we all love to shop.  Now we can do what we love and get great deals, too!  Check out the Online Extravaganza for some amazing products at ridiculously low prices!! 

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